All of my devices are homekit compatible, but I do not want to use the Apple Home app because it’s pretty much broken IMHO. I was suggested these alternatives. Did anyone have experience with these, or other recommendations? I have Hue and Aidot lights and sync boxes. A Homepod mini, an M2 Mac Mini, 2 iPads, an iPhone 13, and smart plugs, and a camera.

“Eve for HomeKit,” “iHaus Smart Home,” “Devices – Control for HomeKit,” or “Home+ 5.”

EDIT: I also tell Siri to perform tasks, mainly turning the fan on and off, but she frequently gets it wrong. She also can’t seem to figure out how to play requested music through the AppleTV, and always wants to play it through the Homepod Mini. The

AppleTV constantly tells me I’ve reached my device playback limit when I’m only playing back on maybe one other device, and even that isn’t intentional; I only ever want to play on one device at a time. As for the Home app, it often loses connection with lights that are functioning properly in both the Hue and Aidot apps. If the lights are from Hue, the app doesn’t allow me to remove them entirely; I can only hide them from view. Consequently, when I ask Siri to ‘turn off all the lights,’ she informs me that 15 accessories aren’t responding. Even if I remove them from the Hue app and re-add them, the old ‘phantom’ lights still appear in the Home app. Deleting and reinstalling the Home app, which I’ve done about four times recently, is a huge hassle and requires me to set up everything again from scratch. My biggest gripe is the lack of fun and delightful preset color schemes available in Home. It doesn’t recognize when lights are set to certain colors through other apps, preventing me from saving those colors as a theme. Additionally, the color picker in the Home app is subpar.

  • SecureTacoA
    5 months ago

    I have eve and Home+ 5. Home+ is a bit better than eve, but honestly I just use the home app as it’s easy and suits my need. What issues are you having? More often than not those are WiFi/home hub issues rather than the app.